Sitemap - 2021 - Hype or Hodl

Weekend Links - December 31st 2021

A Year Farming on Celo

Weekend Links - Friday Dec 17th 2021

Bear Cases for Bitcoin

Does the Renewable Energy Argument for Bitcoin make any sense?

Women and Donations in web3

Weekend Links: Friday Nov 5th 2021

Am I a Bitcoin Maximalist?

Weekend Crypto Links: Oct 1, 2021

Weekend Crypto Links

Pinotio's Weekly Recap - August 25th 2021

DeFi Governance Weekly. Grant Debacles on Uniswap

Pinotio's Weekly Recap - August 18th 2021

All about Crypto Index Funds

DeFi Governance Weekly - August 13th 2021. Proof of Stake - Celo vs Ethereum 2.0

Pinotio's Weekly Recap - August 11th 2021

Pinotio's Bitcoin Lightning Guide

DeFi Governance Weekly - Aug 6th 2021 - A Focus on Celo

Pinotio's Weekly Recap - Aug 4th 2021

DeFi Governance Weekly - Aug 3rd 2021

Pinotio's Weekly Recap - Jul 28 2021

How do I calculate taxes on Helium Hotspot rewards?

How to automatically invest in 50% in BTC, 50% in ETH?

DeFi Governance Weekly: Celo considers Carbon Credits

Helium Hotspots: Make Money While you Relax?

DeFi Portfolio Update 3Q2021

Ditching Binance for Celo, Week 6

How fast can I grow $1,000 in DeFi: Week 5. Crypto Crash!

How fast can I grow $1,000 in DeFi: Week 4. A boring but perhaps wise thesis.

How fast can I grow $1,000 in DeFi: Week 3 - I need to simplify

How fast can I grow $1,000 in DeFi: Week 2

How fast can I grow $1,000 in DeFi? - Week 1.

Uniswap v3 is a Big Deal - and not just for crypto

Review of's "How to Start a New Country"

The deflationary aspect of a fixed monetary supply is neither a feature nor a bug

Bitcoin, Weimar Germany and the value of a fixed monetary supply

The analogy between Bitcoin and Roman currency in the dark ages

Let's Denominate Prices in Bitcoin

Crypto v Nation States: A Battle about Tax

Crypto Performance During Hyperinflation

DeFi Investment Report: Feb 2021

Are DeFi Lending Platforms like Compound and Aave market neutral?

FARMers losing sight of selling shovels

DeFi Mini-Course Part 5: Stablecoins & Celo

DeFi Mini Course: Part 4, Decentralized Hedge Funds

DeFi Mini Course: Part 3, Lending and Borrowing

DeFi Mini Course: Part 2, Currency Exchange

DeFi Mini Course: Part 1, Wallet Setup for DeFi

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