1. How decentralised are (were) Bitcoin versus Ethereum? Short answer, seems Bitcoin is a bit more decentralised. Blog from Earn/Balaji.
  2. Norton offers ethereum mining software in it's antivirus software, and takes a 15% cut. Doesn't seem you net much profit out after electricity though.
  3. The Human Rights Foundation and Strike have a bounty open for creating USD on the Bitcoin Lightning network via Contracts for Difference. TL;DR this is basically like having DAI (collateralised by Bitcoin).
  4. The crypto that you can use on Signal messenger, mobilecoin. It seems volatile in price, so I don't know why you would use it.
  5. Jack Dorsey launches legal defense fund for devs
  6. Maybe CZ of Binance will soon be the richest person in the world:
Just look how Binance is crushing everyone, including Coinbase. Taken from Bloomberg